A remote start can be a huge convenience and lifesaver on those days of extreme temperatures. They can also be a little intimidating if you’ve never had one before. We’ve lined up some of the most common questions and info we get about vehicle remote starts and how to use them.


  • Can a thief steal your vehicle if it’s running with the remote start?
The remote start system keeps the doors locked. Many remote start fob’s include key-less entry buttons, so you can lock your doors once you start it, as long as you are within range. Also, if a thief does get into your running vehicle, they’ll need the keys to go anywhere. As soon as they touch the brake pedal (required to shift out of park) the engine will shut off unless the keys are in the ignition or in the vehicle for a push to start model.
  • Is it illegal to leave a vehicle running and unattended?
The state of Wisconsin has no laws on the books regarding idling your vehicle. The municipality of Madison does have some laws against idling, but only specifically for larger trucks. With that said, the Madison law only applies for idling lasting longer than 15 minutes and only when the outside temperature is between 40°F and 80°F. So on colder winter days, and even in the intense heat of summer, you won’t have anything to worry about.
  • Will Precision Cellular & Sound install a remote start purchased online or from another retailer?
No. Precision Cellular & Sound works exclusively with Compustar brand remote starts. Our installers are professionally trained on this brand which ensures the highest quality install for our customers. A remote start from anywhere else could mean lesser quality, longer install times, and no warranty all of which can cost you more money. To avoid this we work with a brand we trust and see the quality in day in and day out.
  • Will a remote start work in warm weather?
Absolutely! Remote start your vehicle with the AC turned on in the summer to ensure a cool climate when you get in. This is a great way to cool the vehicle down before putting children in, (especially with leather interior) or leaving the vehicle running in the parking lot for pets in the summer!
  • What’s the difference between a 1-way vs a 2-way remote system?
One of the most frequent questions we get is what the difference between a one-way remote start and a two-way remote start is. The difference is that the two-way remotes confirm that the vehicle has started. With a two-way system, the remote fob sends the signal to the vehicle to start, as soon as the vehicle has started it will send a signal back to the fob which will alert you with either an audible tone or a flashing LED to confirm. This feature is often overlooked and the first thing many people will pass on to cut cost but is the biggest regret we hear from customers who go with the one-way system. Walking out to a cold vehicle because you didn’t know that it hadn’t started is a huge disappointment.
  • Why do you need to bring a second key for the vehicle when doing an install?
It’s not needed for all remote start installs but most of the vehicles that use the new interface systems require two keys that start the ignition to be present for programming purposes. These vehicles must have a key in proximity to the transponder so it can “talk” to the computer.
  • What is the range of the remote start? What is a clear line of sight?
The range of the remote start means how far away from your vehicle the remote needs to be to start it. Clear line of site is what’s between your key fob and the vehicle. If you work inside a large building such as a commercial building, hospital or school, that range may go down a lot. You have doors, walls, insulation, wiring, plumbing, trees, bushes, other vehicles, and who knows what else between your key fob and your vehicle. Go for a remote start with a range much higher than you think you’ll need, and you’ll never have to worry about being too far away. Or ask us about our Drone option, which will let you start your vehicle from literally anywhere!
  • How long will my vehicle run once I remote start it?
Most systems come pre-set at 15 to 20 minutes. We can set it longer, but generally, it’s programmed at 20 minutes. This gives your vehicle enough time to warm up on cold days or cool down on hot ones.
  • Will the remote start void my factory vehicle warranty?
No, if the remote start system is installed properly, as is the case with all of our installs, it will not void the vehicle’s warranty. Even vehicles that use a proximity key and push-button starter. In fact, many dealers in the area work with Precision Cellular & Sound to install aftermarket remote starts for their customers.
  • Will remote starts work with diesel and/or stick shifts?
Yes and yes. We have remote starts that have features that will work with your vehicle’s needs. Most of our remote starts include the option to tie into the glow plug light that diesel use. When the glow plug light goes out, the remote start unit senses this and starts the vehicle. Depending on the vehicle and engine, this could be anywhere from 5 seconds to as much as 30 seconds.
Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing remote start, or you’re trying to decide on what Compustar remote start you want to be installed. We hope these FAQ’s have answered any questions you may have had.
For a full list of the Compustar Remote Starts Precision Cellular & Sound offers, visit our website at https://www.precisioncell.com/project/remote-starter/
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